Ansichten, 3ยด42, 1-channel-video (colour/sound), 16:9, Full HD, Germany 2014

Under the lifted hooves of the Quadriga from the top of the Brandenburger Tor, Christoph Brech focused his camera on the Pariser-Platz below.

As if working with a webcam, he caught a moment in the turbulence of Berlin life and let it repeat itself endlessly in a loop.

Details otherwise swallowed up by the profusion and haste of the scene are gradually exposed. One sees, for example, a carriage, miniature version of the Quadriga, exchanging places with an automobile; individuals join in groups, greet one another, take photographs, disperse again.

Views of life entangled in a net of orderliness and unpredictability.

Andreas Kaernbach