Paradiso - 8’38, colour, sound, Great Britain, 2008

The film "Paradiso" was produced for the 90 minute long video installation "Visions", based on Dante's Divina Comedia.
Following the sequences of "Inferno" and "Purgatorio", whose images suggest our earthly experience, the video "Paradiso" abandons every anthropomorphic reference to reality and finds a metaphor for that transcendental condition beyond time and space in the abstraction of pure colour.
Sheets of colour, although taken from nature, allow no association to familiar earthly phenomena.
Like an endless flood of light, the panels of colour spread across the screen, blend into one another, re-form in continuous variation.
In a never-ending stream of music, Palestrina's Ave Maria weaves its melodic strains of song to accompany this vision of paradise.