Laghetto - 19´00. loop, colour, sound, Italy, 2006

Looking into a pond at night. Goldfish, lured by an under water spotlight, encircle this artificial sun in search of food. The light is reflected on the red- and gold-coloured scales of their twisting bodies and transformed into flickering tongues of fire. Twigs and needles, fallen from surrounding cypress trees, glide slowly on the water´s surface, adhere to one another, drift apart, suggesting the characters of unfamiliar languages. The miniature crimson world of the fish pulsates like an open heart, unaffected by the languid rhythm of the drifting twigs above. In this artificial biotope, water and fire; active and passive motion; the accustomed and the unfamiliar meet, while now and again, the distant rumbling of a jet intrudes upon the gentle splashing in the night-still pond.