Zeichen - 18 min loop, colour, sound, Germany, 2024

Pro-Pace-Glocke des M√ľnsters St. Maria und Markus


"When the call to worship resounds, swiftly set aside all else and hasten forth without delay." This excerpt from the Rule of St. Benedict (RB 43.1) serves as the inspiration for Christoph Brech's video installation. Central to this endeavor is the venerable Gallus bell housed within the "M√ľnster St. Maria and Markus". Cast in 1361, it stands as the cathedral's oldest bell, weighing an impressive 1000 kg and boasting a diameter of 115 cm. Reichenau abounds in historical bells, more so than nearly any other cultural landscape, bearing testament to the early monastic ethos of the island monastery. In 2024, the island will mark its 1300th anniversary, commemorating its Benedictine heritage. The tolling of bells serves not only as a tribute to the divine but also as a symbol of human freedom and dignity.

Brech's video offers viewers a novel perspective on sound; not only does the Gallus bell swing, but so too does the recording camera. This dynamic interplay results in a static film, wherein light and shadow, sound and silence, motion and stillness of the clapper converge to craft a richly layered chimes.


translation of a text by Dr. Katharina Seifert


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